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Wolof voice over may be needed to communicate with the people of West Africa. However, due to the geographical division by countries, it is possible to notice the existence of different dialects. Of course, they are mutually understandable, but when working with Wolof dubbing, you should be careful not to make any inaccuracies.

In Senegal, for example, French is the official language, but despite this, most of the population speaks Wolof. There are noticeable differences in the speech of the urban and rural population. The most characteristic fact is that there are small admixtures of Arabic and French in the conversation of the capital inhabitants. And this is not surprising, because the territory was a French colony for a long time. If you have a task of Wolof narration, we want to emphasize that such a service should only be performed by a professional. There is no single standardized version of the language, so some questions can only be clarified with the native speakers.

As a Wolof voice agency, we treat such requests with particular care. You can entrust us with any project, although localization is more often related to e-learning and social advertising. We sincerely admire the people who, regardless of external circumstances, carefully preserved their language and culture.

Our website represents only a small part of our voice talents pool for demonstration purposes. Do you need more voice options? No problems! Just send us a request including the languages you need and we will provide you with the entire collection of voices available for recording.


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Age: Adult


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