Amazigh voice over

Amazigh voiceover, top-notch male and female voice actors. Amazigh dubbing with best narrators.

Amazigh voice over is our personal achievement. We gathered a great voice pool of Amazigh voice talents who are truly professionals. We are very careful when choosing the artists, you can see it for yourself by listening to our samples. We only work with verified narrators who are also native speakers, so we can guarantee excellent results!

Amazigh refers to a family of languages spoken by the Berbers who lived in North Africa, that’s why they are often called Berber languages. Most native speakers live in Morocco and make up about 40% of its population. It is also common among the inhabitants of Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, and you can also find immigrants from the African continent in Western Europe. Several writing systems can be used for this language – Tifinagh, Arabic and Latin alphabets. Due to the complexity of oral transmission and the presence of a large number of language subcategories, we strongly recommend using the help of a professional Amazigh voice agency, which we exactly are.

We understand all the nuances that may arise during the work. Therefore, you can safely trust us with any of your projects, such as an audiobook or video localization, as well as just Amazigh dubbing.

Our website represents only a small part of our voice talents pool for demonstration purposes. Do you need more voice options? No problems! Just send us a request including the languages you need and we will provide you with the entire collection of voices available for recording.



Voice AMA1


Gender: Female

Age: Adult

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