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Making it to international market with original media content comes at significant costs, not limited to translation, unfortunately. Having the text on hands, you’ve got to figure out how to present it properly and nicely, adding the picture.

Modern video clips do not necessarily involve background audio and dubbing. There is a cheaper way to reproduce translation, namely subtitles. If you order them from Universal Media professionals, you’ll receive a comprehensive product with a text conveying all required messages and complementing visual picture.

Video showreels

Russian voice over with subtitling / Alfa bank


The wrong way to create subtitles

Computer programs, processing video underway and outputting subtitles automatically, is not the best solution for high-quality video with big potential. The thing is, such services tend to make speech recognition mistakes. However, even if you take the text to the program’s memory, subtitles could have wrong positioning on the screen or ill-timed length. Manual work of specialists guarantees faultless and good-looking subtitles.

The perfect option

It’s not enough to take the things that happen in the shot into consideration while creating high-quality subtitles. Subtitle specialists should have comprehensive understanding of the finest details, specific for the foreign language, as well as its perception by international audience. For example, Asian subtitles can be placed on the side of the picture. If you work with Arabic language, you have to take your time and break down the text while breaking lines, otherwise even the most accurate translation will look ridiculous to the audience.

Collaboration with Universal Media

Our team focuses on various content for international audience. We will be happy to assist you with PC games and documentary films. Subtitles, performed by Universal Media specialists, can be adapted to written form of a foreign language or reflect specific features of spoken language. Universal Media is capable of considering such peculiarities courtesy of cooperation with native speakers who know how the create the most user-friendly subtitles in their cultural environment.

Working on subtitles, our team pays attention to form and matter alike. For example, we can place the text in the bottom part of the screen, at the center or under certain parts of the picture. Courtesy of such a meticulous approach our subtitles:

  • match the visual content design-wise;
  • do not block important parts of the shot;
  • show up and disappear in time;
  • prove to be highly legible and well-translated.

We can offer you to take on your project from scratch courtesy of wide range of provided services. If you need to prepare some content for international market, we are ready to join you both during pre-production and post-production. Translation and localization, editing and voiceover – we can perform all of it!

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