Video localization services

Video localization is an adaptation of your video for other counties markets. High-quality localization services are needed in order the target audience who is supposed to be your product’s users could perceive the message as natural as possible, as if it was created specifically for their country. It is quite a complicated process, which can be divided into several stages. Ideally, we should start with a thorough analysis of the product which is to be localized. Next comes the pre-production stage, which consists of text translation made by professional translators, who are native speakers of the target language, and adaptation of the video length and replacement of the graphic elements if necessary. Also, when required we can carry out additional proofreading if you already have a completed script. After that, we can move forward to voice over recording. For this purpose we offer a number of professional talents who are native speakers of the language you need. Then we record the text according to the script and technical enquiry, sometimes with several takes for you to choose. After that we proceed to the final stage called ‘post-production’: sound engineer mixes the recorded material and does mastering, and video engineer adds subtitles and edits the content where required. Our company has a great experience in video localization. You can rely on us at every stage of the work. See for yourselves!

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