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Graphic elements replacing

Graphic elements replacing

High quality video clip looks like an integral picture. The unity of visual imagery, sound and close caption helps communicate thoughts better, set the main tone and complement the idea. At the same time, the text that needs to be worked on in the course of production is not just the material for voiceover or subtitles to accompany the speech of characters in the video.

The visual imagery in the video might contain tables, diagrams, infographics, screenshots, logos etc. All of this has names, captions and specifications, typically in creator’s native language. In other words, even the most concise and brief video could have more words than you think at first. Little attention is paid to such transcription and captions if the video is only distributed locally. Sometimes there are no captions at all, in case the information is being provided in voiceover. But what if we launch a video clip for international market?

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British English localization with graphic elements replacing / Makteshim Agan Group


Localization and replacement of elements performed by Universal Media

We work with native speakers who can translate any video clip. We consider the clip’s style, content and visual effects to perform relevant and accurate localization. There won’t be any ambiguity, ample wording or unacceptable misprints in captions and logos!


We can also perform translation and proofreading of voiceover and subtitles, adapt the length of the video to match the sound and vice versa, if necessary. We can help you localize both business and entertaining video clips in any language.

What else?

We provide assistance with video as early as in pre-production stage. You can order video editing and cut, dubbing of certain actions and as well as creation of high-quality subtitles. Choose what you need and don’t hesitate to write or call us to strike a partnership!

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Ukrainian localization with Graphic elements replacing / Bayer


By the way, it’s not always necessary to perform word-by-word translation. Sometimes you would see proper names replaced with other ones when video clips are localized to international audience. You don’t want them to be pronounced in the original language in this case, so the frame has to be cut out. However, graphic elements would have to be replaced in both cases.

Remember that people tend to perceive visual information better than audio information, so you can’t just use the speaker’s comments without specific screen captions. Thorough translation plays an important part in different types of content:

  • Business and scientific presentations that see attached data images being crucial;
  • Commercial video clips that require adaptation of product names and motto;
  • Game video instructions and description of various apps, involving images with a functional menu or game mechanics.

Overall, such elements have to be translated into foreign languages and better yet localized for international audience. Users or future clients would then notice the authors’ concern about them and find it easier to perceive the information. That being said, your video clip will become popular and reach its goals!

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