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Length adaptation

Length adaptation

You might have a video clip to be placed. Naturally, you have thought over the idea, have written the script and worked with graphics or actors. It’s all over now. However, it only seems like it’s over.

You’ve got to pass through detailed pre-production first in order to be qualified for international success. And it’s better to go through these stages alongside professionals. Here comes Universal Media team. So, what’s next for the video clip designed for international audience?

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Arabic localization with length adaptation / Complitech


Text translation

We can help you translate the original text into any language. You might need translation of all captions with names that could appear in the frame in addition to subtitles and voiceover.

Localization and proofreading

The translated text you have on hands probably requires proofreading. First of all, cultural and verbal nature of a foreign audience should be taken into consideration, and secondly, the international version of the video can vary from the original one, hence it would not be sufficient to perform word-for-word translation. We can easily proofread your text to correct all mistakes!


Our voiceover specialists are native speakers who can help you voice any translated text, taking full advantage of their voice potential. As a result, you will have a perfect voice track ready to be used!

We described the main stages of video clips being prepared for international audience. However, there is something else that cannot be disregarded. More specifically, synchronization of the video with the speaker’s voice. Why does it have to be done?

  • So that articulation of characters from the video matched voiceover timing and was not late or went ahead of the words;
  • So that the speaker voiced various names, captions and objects at the moment they appear on the screen;
  • So that important emphasis of the video was supported with proper sound and was not accompanied by silence and pauses in the speaker’s speech.

Thus, making the speaker’s words correspond to the video on the screen is adaptation of video length, as it often has to be changed for the final version. Such a necessity emerges from the difference between translated text and its original version. Let’s say you wrote a huge piece which has shrinked several-fold in the international version. As a result, you get a short voiceover that leaves the stressed final of the video completely silent or is divided into short pieces with large inappropriate pauses.

The opposite situation involving translated text is hardly any better. If it was deemed necessary to expand a foreign piece in the course of proofreading and localization (for example, to explain some finer points to international audience), cutting a piece of video in order to meet the timing is a bad idea.

That’s why it’s better to work with professionals because it’s our job to make sure none of the speaker’s words will get lost and neither of the video frames will go unnoticed! It’s a lot easier to adapt the length that create additional subtitles. Adaptation will maintain integrity of the video, speeding up or slowing down some frames a little bit as well as including some editing sections if necessary.

Contact Universal Media team right now to create a balanced video with the image and sound complementing each other and conveying all ideas in their entirety to international audience.

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