Voice over services

International voice over is a general word for the whole complex of voice recording services. The main purpose of our work is to create a professional audio content in a foreign language, which will be perceived by locals as a native and coherent product, not just translated. There is a number of stages in our work. At first, we translate the script provided by you with the help of translators who are solely native speakers of the target languages. If you already have a translated text, we can check it for errors and compliance with the language standards, grammar, vocabulary usage and so on. This is followed by the recording stage of your text by a native voice talent. We cooperate with the professional speakers only and use high-quality equipment, which eliminates extra noise, distortion and auditory artefacts. During recording, we usually make several takes so that you can choose the most relevant for you. Then we continue with the final sound mastering, mixing it with the music track when needed and processing the file by our professional sound engineer. We have a lot of experience in dubbing services and you can fully trust us!

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