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Smartphone app development can earn you a fortune, especially if you plan to expand to foreign markets. However, you’ve got to make the software user-friendly and provide quality translation, voiceover and localization, in particular, to get positive feedback from international users.

Why resorting to professionals?

Foreign mobile apps are not downloaded as often and do not stay in the TOP-list unless provided with multiple language options. Likewise, users do not appreciate clumsy translation. Technical voice and mistakes in the text do not just alienate users, they complicate using the app and prevent people from appreciating its functionality.

What is the problem’s solution?

There is only one solution – quality translation and professional voiceover. We are talking about text lines from the software, as well as user manuals, support, Q&A sections. Truth to be told, it makes one wonder: how to clear all that up and manage to complete localization in time while the app is popular? What if you launch an app for different foreign users at the same time and do not have access to all native speakers?

The services of experienced voiceover specialists

Our company Universal Media is always here to help you! We will make sure you are not embarrassed of your product anywhere in the world. Competent speakers from our experienced team offer error-free and fine voiceover of your apps.

We can record a prepared text in a foreign language or translate your preliminary work ourselves. Moreover, we provide proofreading when necessary to assure you the text is void of outdated constructions, ambiguity and grammar mistakes.

  • Are native speakers who can tell the most peculiar pronunciation nuances of each word;
  • Read texts in exciting and modern manner, as opposed to language school teachers;
  • Demonstrate clear articulation and deep toned color;
  • Show great understanding of semantic tones and use various verbal techniques to convey the message to the user in a clear way.

Remember, the more language options there are in your app – the bigger success awaits for it and you are bound for additional revenue. Do not wait too long and contact us right now. Speaking of which, if you plan to go further than voiceover and translation of mobile soft, you can also request video, advertisement or game localization.

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