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Tatar voiceover, top-notch male and female voice actors. Tatar dubbing with best narrators.

Tatar voice over has its points of popularity. Tatar is spoken in dozens of regions in Russia and many other places. It is one of the most common Turkic languages and there are native speakers in Poland, Turkey, Romania, China, Finland, USA and Australia (over 5.5 million of native speakers in total).

Tatar is the second most popular language in Russia. There are five dialects of the language, including three dialects of Siberian Tatars. Throughout its long history Tatar has been influenced by Finno-Ugrian group as well as Persian, Russian and Arabic languages.

Many projects in media space are created in several languages these days. Their producers have to make game instructions, presentation support, menu for web applications and mobile programs. They might need Tatar voiceover among others. To avoid pronunciation mistakes, pick appropriate intonations and get across the project’s main idea to the clients or users, we recommend using the services of our Tatar voice talents. Experienced specialists from Universal media are ready to create seamless audio content in the shortest time, recording it with a solid voice and proper articulation.

Our website represents only a small part of our voice talents pool for demonstration purposes. Do you need more voice options? No problems! Just send us a request including the languages you need and we will provide you with the entire collection of voices available for recording.


Voice TA2


Gender: Male

Age: Adult


Voice TA1


Gender: Female

Age: Adult

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