Macedonian voice over

Macedonian voiceover, top-notch male and female voice actors. Macedonian dubbing with best narrators.

Macedonian voice over belongs to the Baltic group of languages. For a long time of its existence, languages literally intertwined with each other. So, here you can find loanwords from Romanian, Greek, Turkish. Although the strongest influence was, of course, Bulgarian and Serbian. Therefore, in order not to get confused in these subtleties of linguistic relations, we suggest you use our Macedonian voice agency services.

In addition to this mixture, there are also various dialects in Macedonian, as many as 29 of them! And this fact is surprising, because it was singled out as a separate language only in 1945. This served as a starting point for the creation of an independent state and the recognition of its independence. Therefore, using the Macedonian narration, you pay tribute to the inhabitants of this country and their culture.

It has 31 letters that correspond to 31 sounds, making it one of the easiest languages ​​to learn. However, we do not recommend to lose vigilance. Even a minor error can be a damage to the company's reputation, so you better choose trusted and experienced professionals. Our Macedonian voice talents have repeatedly proven their level of skill, that’s why you can contact us without hesitation.

Our website represents only a small part of our voice talents pool for demonstration purposes. Do you need more voice options? No problems! Just send us a request including the languages you need and we will provide you with the entire collection of voices available for recording.


Voice MK2


Gender: Male

Age: Adult


Voice MK1


Gender: Female

Age: Adult

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