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Speech synthesis business is developing fast and it’s no secret that software in this domain is in great demand and provides vast opportunities for growth in this business. However, speech synthesis and neural network training is a complicated multi-stage technological process.

Creation of a voice pack, consisting of dozens of thousands of phrases that would be the foundation for training is one of the key moments. Many requirements are set at this stage. That is why it’s important to create it in cooperation with reliable partners that have solid recording experience with this exact type of product. Why choosing us?

Versatility of languages

There are several thousands of languages on our planet. However, it’s very difficult to find reliable partners that would do their job properly. And it’s not just about language barrier while communicating with native speakers. Many recording studios have virtually no representation online, although they might be doing their job well in the local market, without expanding internationally.

Attractive prices

The list of languages we successfully work with is impressive. However, speakers are well-aware that they could make good money on their voice’s recording and sale, especially in TTS-projects. Prices in our market can be very volatile and sometimes a speaker would put an impressive price tag on one hour of his voice recording. As a result, we only work with those partners that ask a reasonable price for their services.

Fast recording

Voice recording in TTS projects is a long, complicated and monotonous process. Recording a large amount of text, the speaker should set himself after every several dozens of phrases, reading a sample phrase, approved by the client. That is why your business partner’s experience plays a crucial role in such projects. We know exactly how long it takes to complete a technical process and are aware of any complications that might arise, so we never fail to meet recording deadlines.

Technical equipment

There are always many companies willing to take part in TTS projects. However, evidence suggests that only 20% of studios have necessary equipment for clear, correct voice reproduction, required in your business. Besides, additional technical complications might arise during recording, so that the end product complied with requirements. Universal Media knows exactly what studios can provide technical equipment, required for successful results.

Dealing with TTS projects, it is important to find a balance between product quality and creation costs. For the past several years, Universal media has specialized in preparation of data sets for various TTS projects around the world. Now we are going to briefly explain what helps us to complete this work successfully.

  • Double quality control is always performed by sound engineers who are native speakers, while all doubtful pronunciation issues are coordinated additionally with the Client.
  • We guarantee completion of the services based on legal obligations and working with trusted partners.
  • We have an opportunity to pass exclusive rights on the voice, which makes further legal relations much more simple and makes it possible to optimize the budget assigned for the project.

Hopefully, the abovementioned factors have assured you that we have solid experience in the speech synthesis business. We will be glad to have an opportunity to cooperate with you and show our worth. Universal Media is a team of true professionals, working with companies from all over the world, from Canada to Australia. We are available for comfortable communication from virtually any time zone as we have offices around the world.

Write to us and see for yourself that we are the company you need. Just let us know about your project, specify how much you pay for the finished hour and we could offer you the price that would keep you happy.

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