Voice over for navigation

Voice GPS-navigators have been popular with mobile device users and international tourists, in particular, for a long time. They help people know their ways around and find any address on the map.

Navigation creates the shortest and fastest routes and provides the latest weather and traffic information. And, naturally, voice prompting is the most important thing here. You don’t have to divert attention to smartphone screen, which is extremely important while driving. Overall, navigation is an indispensable thing, profitable for app developers.

Why is it bad to use automated voices?

These days navigation tends to support several languages for users’ convenience. However, switching between them, one can notice that developers used automated foreign voiceover. The problem is automated voices quickly start to bore listeners as they make long pauses and prosody mistakes. As a consequence, users get annoyed, refuse from using navigation and leave negative reviews and marks.

Can I hire any speaker?

It would be more reasonable to hire people and not an automated system. However, it does not mean any speaker who merely learned a foreign text would do. Even if a person has been learning a language for many years, his experience and knowledge can differ from the actual cultural context of a country. Thus, it’s important to have a native speaker working on navigation.

Why us?

Universal Media helps create nice voice instructions in any language. Bring us the text and our team of professional native speakers with impeccable language will perform voiceover with proper tempo and speed.

Apart from voiceover services, we can offer translation and localization in case you are not sure you can handle adaptation of the original text. Together we can make sure your prompts are correct content-wise and nice to listen to!

  • You can choose between female and male speaker voice yourself;
  • We guarantee perfect pronunciation, clear articulation and absence of misprints;
  • Navigators with our voiceover and translation are nice to listen even in multi-hour traffic jam.

By the way, the scope of our expertise is not limited to voice navigation. You can order advertisement voiceover for foreign audience as well as voice greetings and audio guides for international market.

Additional services

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