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Every single tour circuit of a gallery, museum and even a national park features an audio guide these days. Some time ago, we used electronic devices that we called audio guides but now it can be any record helping us familiarize with various cultural, historical or natural landmarks.

Audio guide’s specific nature

Personal approach is audio guide’s tremendous advantage. You can get to any country and organize excursions in your native language. However, developers should take care of translation and voiceover for various foreign visitors in advance to make it happen.

What kind of language has to be used?

Composing and playing audio guides in foreign languages has some important features. Even the most intensive excursion text needs to be transformed into live speech that would be comfortable to listen to.

The main secrets

It turns out that a person can take decision whether to continue listening or fast forward and switch off in the first 30 seconds of a record. Thus, the main rules of a foreign audio guide are correct tones, clearly transmitted meaning and intriguing story.

It all sounds a little complicated, doesn’t it? Here we are to help - Universal Media team. There is nothing impossible for us! Our company provides the services of professional voiceover specialists who are native speakers and not just technical readers.

We have an experienced and proven team. We can translate and localize the text ourselves if necessary so that your audio guides, coming to a foreign market, were actually in-demand among the visitors. With of our help you can be sure that the text would not seem clumsy and the speech would not sound uncreditable. Out team helps to:

  • Consider all aspects of a modern language, including slang vocabulary and dialects in place;
  • Use the actual conversational style and not words from outdated academic dictionaries;
  • Avoid lexical gaps while composing foreign texts for audio guides;
  • Correctly translate proper names, met in audio guides for nature or museum excursions.

Should you have a prepared text in a foreign language, we can proofread it to turn a set of translated phrases into native speech that is interesting to listen to. Our speakers guarantee the absence of accent, appropriate speech speed, proper prosody and clear articulation. Universal Media will help you create an audio guide that would fascinate listeners from the very first seconds and make people listen to it over and over again.

Contact us today to make your audio guides ready as soon as possible. Besides, we are glad to offer navigation, voice greeting and advertisement voiceover. In addition to that, we help you create video clips in foreign languages.

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