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Voice over for gaming

Huge attention is paid to game design and screenplay in mobile and PC games’ development. However, there is more to that, the text and sound components, in particular. Certainly, technical music and beautiful animation is great, but the player needs to get familiarized with rules and controls and then look deep into the story line.

At the same time, game characters have to speak the language of the end user. The lines of game characters should sound naturally to get the player involved and intrigue him. Developers contribute a lot of time and effort to these attributes. But here comes a reasonable question: what to do with a huge store of elaborated and written lines, instructions, prompts that need to be localized for a certain market? Contact us!

High-quality text voiceover

We can voice completed game description, dialogues of characters, the opening text etc. Our professional voiceover specialists are native speakers with modern language. The characters would not speak like aliens or old-timers (unless the opposite designed by developers). We can find voices similar to original ones if required, so that the speech match the character and reflect his or her personality.

Assistance with accurate translation

If you are not sure you’ve translated the text correctly, contact us anyway. We will proofread the content to make sure it is relevant and composed properly. There must not be any spelling or grammar mistakes in the game! Besides, our team can help you translate your text into any language from scratch.

Content localization for international audience

Localization should be kept in mind during translation and voiceover. It’s particularly important if there are slang expressions, accents or a country’s cultural context has been involved in the game. For instance, if you develop a game about Japan, we can help you reflect Oriental nuances of verbal etiquette in the very best way. You will be able to give an accurate translation of any idiom, wordplay as well as names and toponyms in the game with the help of our specialists.

Contact us and you won’t have to leave the characters speaking the developer’s language only. Otherwise, international users wouldn’t be able to dig into the game environment completely.

Universal Media team can easily translate all game texts, perform localization and voiceover in a foreign language. Our job is to make sure:

  • There are correct stresses in every single word pronounced in the game;
  • There is perfect speech speed and nice voiceover timbre;
  • All characters demonstrate clear articulation;
  • There is a nice wordplay and great tones that help discover game characters.

Your game will play out in fresh colours with our voiceover, while translation and localization will help you succeed in international market. Don’t hesitate and contact us now!

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