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Voice over for trailer

A trailer basically represents any promoted product’s video extraction. It has structure, plot, audio track etc. As long as trailers pursue advertising aim, they make it to international audience in most cases. It means a trailer would have translation and additional voiceover performed by a foreign speaker in addition to original audio track.

Video showreels


Specific features of video clips

Aimed at delivering visual appeal and attracting attention, trailers have certain peculiarities. They typically consist of multiple pieces that change quickly and often have little relation to each other in order to stick to people’s memory. Such a footage of the trailer often demonstrates the advertised media product directly. That’s why international viewers might see various confusing names, indications or captions. Let alone comic trailers or videos involving national color!

Dealing with details

Localization represents thorough trailer adaptation with an aim to make international audience understand the general idea and grasp the finest points of every single shot. Thus, voiceover, subtitles, brand titles, streets and other indications that might seem insignificant at first glance, need to be translated. At the same time, you’ve got to consider cultural and social context of the country that you want to work in. Everything matters here, even accents and dialects!

Who to contact?

An outsider who speaks a foreign language but doesn’t know linguistic environment from within would find it hard to consider every single detail and provide accurate translation of everything that appears on the screen in the trailer. Proper name for a movie release deserves a special mention! The thing is, word-by-word translation does not have to be the right choice, considering fragile world of artistic reality. So you’d better not entrust a translation agency with a task to perform localization.

We encourage you to contact special professionals. Universal Media cooperates with native speakers and can help you perform comprehensive localization of trailers. What kind of trailers do we localize?

  • Movie trailers, requiring additional localization for communication of characters in social networks, demonstration of movie reviews from the audience, critics, etc.;
  • PC games trailers requiring translation of certain parts of game menu, cards and character descriptions, location maps etc.;
  • Book trailers that might require translation and localization of some pages from the book.

A trailer is not just a set of special effects, exciting shots and epic music. You’ve got to pay attention to every single second of the video if you want the audience to watch the full version of promoted product. So write or call us right now for our team to start working on localization of the video as soon as possible!

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