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Voice over for presentation

Anything gets more clear and interesting after becoming graphic. That’s why it’s impossible to deliver new goods and services without presentations. Likewise, presentations are required to demonstrate research results or a company’s success.

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Presentation in American English / Euroopt


How to avoid mistakes while translating a presentation

You’d better refuse from the idea of translating the text yourself or using the help of a translator friend. Presentation in a foreign language requires comprehensive understanding of another language environment to avoid bitter misprints and clumsy expressions. Using outdated vocabulary or slang is not welcome either.

What should you keep in mind?

Presentations require accurate translation but should convey the main idea and deliver the message at the same time. Hence there is a need for localization – creation of adapted translation. Language specifics, language and voiceover perception and national mentality are considered in this process. Besides, specialists take their time to translate even the shortest captions that could show up for just a couple of seconds!

Why contact us?

Universal Media takes pride in working with native speakers who help you understand the slightest peculiarities of text perception. At the same time, you won’t have to worry about translation accuracy: we pay much attention to spelling and grammar, professional terms, business or journalistic conversational style.

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Presentation in Russian / Alfa Bank


Our localization will help you adapt the presentation for a foreign market and, consequently, increase the target audience. Universal Media team will help you:

  • Avoid ambiguity in interpretation of ideas and wordplay in presentation text;
  • Make a good impression on presentation audience courtesy of positive tone and а sensible portion of humor;
  • Create subtitles as well as the right captions for tables, charts and infographic in addition to voiceover;
  • Make it easier for international audience to perceive the pieces by paying attention to dialects and accents.

We can also adapt presentation length to fit the foreign translation, replace some graphic elements and, naturally, perform voiceover in any requested language. In addition you can order localization of commercial videos, educational videos etc.

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