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More and more companies use video commercials to demonstrate products and services in international market. Advertising for foreign customers can be launched both on TV and in the Internet today. Speaking about voiceover, the key difference between these two landing platforms lies in broadcast pricing, which comes a lot more costly on TV.

High-quality text is crucial in visual advertising production, as it will show up on the screen or will be voiced by a speaker and script characters. However, it’s not enough to perform proper translation because advertising is a popular culture phenomenon, aimed at large audience.

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Azeri localization / Apple AirPods


What is localization?

If you imagine foreign languages as geographical maps, you will never be able to overlap them so that their profiles fit perfectly. Every language has its own lexical gaps, differing from other languages. They are related to grammar and spelling rules as well as cultural and historical peculiarities. This national linguistic identity has to be taken into account during translation. This is where localization is required – adaptation of a text to new perception and reproduction conditions.

Do I really need it?

Although non-verbal information plays an important part in commercials, it’s critical to reach the unity of form and matter. Advertising text does not just deliver the message to consumers, it catches their attention psychologically and emotionally. Imagine a video that has been recorded with the help of automated translation. You do not understand the motto and cannot decipher the product’s name. Is this product going to attract you? Hardly.

Why contact us?

Even the most attentive translator who has been working with the language for many years, will not be able to deliver a perfect text for international commercial unless he has experience of living in the environment of native speakers: he doesn’t have the required background knowledge. The work at Universal Media is organized differently: we only cooperate with native speakers.

Video showreels

Norwegian localization / Avalon


Our speakers and correctors have comprehensive knowledge of the country’s modern life and relevant language realities. You’ll be able to translate or change even proper names and toponyms.

Our proven and experienced team will make sure your advertisement triggers the same associations as the original version. We are capable of highlighting the key points of any text, considering advertisement concept and means of its delivery method. Here is how we can assist you:

  • We perform accurate translation void of mistakes, contradictions and broken logic;
  • Choose equivalents for idioms, jargonisms, wordplay etc., if necessary;
  • Proofread historical, cultural and humorous examples in commercials for better understanding;
  • Work carefully with slang vocabulary, accents and dialects, considering the target audience.

We will help you launch your advertisement in international market without losing a single national and cultural pattern. Quite the opposite – we are going to enrich your text!

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