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Modern documentary movies do not just tell us about observations over the world. They enlighten and educate us, electrify society, raise important social and economic topics. Thus, no wonder documentary movies make it to international market in most cases. Here comes the issue of localizing materials into a foreign language.

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Age: Adult


Specific nature of screen translation

There is a lack of high-quality audio and visual content translators in movie industry. Even the most experienced translators cannot perform the entire range of services. Dealing with documentary movies, it’s not enough to perform voiceover with an assistance of a foreign speaker or create subtitles. You’ve got to work with the content and idea of the text to adapt the idea for international audience. That’s how localization is performed.

What needs to be localized?

Even basic localization of the name or subtitles at the end of the film requires understanding of the entire country’s cultural context. Besides, every single element, appearing on the screen, has to be localized: from colorful infographics to pop-up notes. All proper names, toponyms, voiced idioms or jargonisms need to be considered thoroughly, too. Otherwise, the audience might fail to understand the story’s logic or respond to the message.

Why us?

Our team is more than just a translation agency. We work with foreign languages from within and know perfectly well the way each of them functions. Why? We cooperate with native speakers! Form birth they have been living in language and cultural environment, which can be alien and uncomfortable even for the most professional translator. By ordering localization services from Universal Media, you save yourself the trouble and can rest assured that your documentary movie will be void of contradictions and cultural gaps for international audience.

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Voice LES12

Language:Latin American Spanish

Gender: Male

Age: Adult

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Language:Moroccan Arabic

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Each of our specialists works thoroughly on video content. We will help you localize:

  • Historical films that might require localization of battle maps or battle course;
  • Portrait documentary movies that require psychological traits of the main characters to be revealed;
  • Ethnographic pictures with national customs and rituals. They require thorough localization;
  • Video-diaries and motion-picture essays that could require artistic text style;
  • Investigations with a great deal of legal terms and emotional text.

Naturally, it’s not a complete list of documentary films we work with. Bring us any video project and our team will help you adapt it for international audience. Besides, we can perform voiceover for your film or any other media project in a foreign language.

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