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Dubbing and lipsync services

Preparing content for international market, sooner or later you will have to deal with reproduction of translated lines. Dubbing is not a cheap way to voice any video or animation. You get professional product that would be free of loud original sound or subtitles, distracting foreign audience from actions on the screen.

Video showreels

Australian English with lip sync / Brazino


The key features of dubbing

Dubbing specialists should match sex, age and temperament of the character they are working on. Besides, the voice should correspond to acoustic conditions on the screen. That means, for instance, that an echo on the screen has to be reflected in the audio track by means of specific voice processing. Dubbing has to come out natural, requiring the specialist to use various voice techniques.

What is lip sync?

Lip sync is a way to synchronize the sound and picture, much needed when the characters keep appearing on the screen. The beginning and the end of translated text must correspond to the movement of actors’ lips during voiceover in this case. Lip sync specialists work hard on their facial expressions and emotions.

Why Universal Media?

Our professional voiceover specialists are native speakers. They can voice the speech of characters taking advantage of their actor skills and considering all specific features of a foreign language, either particular tone, speech speed or accent. At the same time, our sound editors perform miracles by means of the most professional audio tools. The final voice track will fit the actions in the video perfectly. You won’t see any inappropriate pauses or ill-timed words!

Video showreels

Russian with lip sync / Champion Oil


You can order multi-voice or single-voice dubbing at our company depending on the goals of the video and specific features of the content. Why should you choose us?

  • We cover the entire semantic meaning from the original content;
  • We fit articulation and speech rate of actors on the screen;
  • We consider the initial text length and translation size;
  • We pick the right loudness for further mixing.

Our team will make the audio track fit any time-code, synchronize the sound and picture, add background music or sound effects track and mix several tracks into one. And, naturally, we are happy to help you on any stage of dubbing production, such as translation and proofreading, text voiceover, video editing and cutting, etc. Give us any content and we will ensure it is hundred percent ready for international audience.

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