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Cutting and tagging of audio files

Creating any sort of content, either presentation, online courses, advertising video or a short movie, you might not think about taking this product to international market. However, once such a need has emerged, it becomes obvious: you cannot merely introduce the original version to international audience. At least part of the meaning or the entire message will escape from them. In the worst case scenario the result will be unimposing and will fail without explanation in a foreign language.

What to do in this case?

In general, translating the text for international media content is compulsive. After that, if we talk about video, you go through subtitles and titles creation, background voiceover and localization of various graphic elements. Once it’s done, the video is not ready yet. It has to be reviewed and listened again, cut or edited if necessary.

Where does the problem come from?

A foreign language provides any content with additional implication and emotional connotations. At the least, the length of the characters’ speech on the screen will vary. Sometimes thorough localization makes you understand: you’ve got to add or eliminate incomprehensible shots, involving some cultural context, to make international audience perceive the right associations. Sometimes it’s sensible to turn one commercial into two shorter ones to make it more appropriate for foreigners. Thus, the content needs to be edited or cut before being presented to audience.

What can we do for you?

Our picture editors and sound editors will help you make the final version of the video perfect. We practice different kinds of shot transitions (cuts, intercuts, dissolve, etc.), take care of shot mistiming and use professional and functional software, helping us work fast with the longest and most difficult videos.

Our team will help you pick the best video tempo and length – international audience would not get bored while managing to get the message in its entirety. Our experienced team will help you settle the following issues:

  • Selecting the best shots from the speaker’s or actors’ work in accordance with the client’s requirements;
  • Synchronization of shots and audio tracks in correspondence with the original version;
  • Processing audio tracks to create various effects by means of different tools;
  • Uniting the shots or separating the video into several pieces, etc.

In addition, we can offer proofreading of the text, translated text for the video, professional voiceover performed by native speakers, dubbing, creation of subtitles etc. Naturally, it’s not easy to work with video clips, designed for international audience, so content processing services are not cheap. However, we guarantee high-quality result in return, which will ensure global success of any commercial or educational video clip!

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