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Business video, advertisement and entertaining content often needs to be translated into a foreign language so that a product could be introduced to international market. Voiceover and subtitles are created for this purpose. However, text is always primary.

Most people do not bother to choose translation source while working on a video clip text and make common mistakes. As a result, they prove to be unsatisfied with the result themselves or the video fails to reach the target in international market. Here are the main mistakes made while searching for translation services:

Translation performed by a friend

Once a text has been translated by a non-native speaker, an interested listener would always spot some flaws. Unfortunately, what we learn in school and high school may vary from the actual language pattern. Besides, informal language cannot accompany video clips. You might need to use literary techniques, professional terms and slang words. Your friend is hardly good at such peculiarities.

Texts from professional translators

It doesn’t matter if you order translation from a private specialist or translation agency. Neither of them would try to get the idea and the purpose of the video or find out what your target audience is. Besides, a translator might only have traditional knowledge and outdated vocabulary. Dull constructions, odd expressions, lack of acronyms and improper punctuation alienates the reader and makes it difficult to perceive the meaning.

Automated translation

The history of relations between texts and online translation services is the tower of Babel that saw its constructors stop understanding each other. Clumsy speech, ambiguity and wordplay: you’d better not take the video to international market with such translation. Unless your aim is to create a viral video or a meme, demonstrating poor translation example.

What should you do if you already have a translation on hands? How to solve the new problems and eliminate flaws? If you are not sure about the quality of translation which is going to make it to the video, aimed at international market, Universal Media team would be happy to assist you! Our company cooperates with native speakers who can easily spot any inaccuracy in the idea behind the text or misprints. No wonder, these people speak the language you need and think in it, too. Bring us the text and we will fix all problems!

Once you show us translation, we will perform a special correction type - proofreading. It implies evaluation of spelling, punctuation and grammar. Besides, proofreading involves literary adaptation, as well as literary and technical editing of the text. We can also check whether the text corresponds to cultural context and national mentality of the foreign audience that would see the video. Our duty is to work with logics, narrative form and style, not just the content and idea. Our proofreaders:

  • Will help you maintain general tone and style of the text;
  • Read the text carefully from the beginning to the end, never wasting a single line;
  • Use facts and provide specific examples of mistakes;
  • Do not just criticize the text but suggest options to improve it.

As a result, the text is going to correspond to the original material in your own language both in terms of meaning and mood, but will be localized to match foreign culture-specific concept at the same time. We will help you make the text perfect and deliver the message to international audience accurately through the video!

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