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Most likely you have an interesting audio or video clip that you want to share with international audience. However, in addition to images it’s important to convey text message. The same is relevant for computer games, documentaries and virtually any other media content.

Dealing with video clips, you should absolutely not use automated subtitles – unfortunately, there is no perfect way to create them, and sometimes you might even see non-existing words on the screen. Online translation contains mistakes in most cases and even if you ask someone to translate the text, satisfactory result is not guaranteed. That’s why Universal Media offers quality text translation for further voiceover or demonstration on the screen. Professional translation from our specialists gives you a number of benefits:


We create a text that is as close to the original version as possible in terms of meaning, mood and conversation style. We can keep the business language or make translation more literary. Only native speakers perform translation services for us.


Translated text does not mean robotized. We are ambassadors of beautiful and cunning speech in any language. That’s why our texts sound great in all clips and catch attention with perfectly selected wording.


There is no confusion, interrupted ideas or lexical gaps in our texts. We perform translation that does not confuse native speakers and delivers the message clearly. The text would match the image logic of your video clip if necessary.


Avoiding spelling, grammar and other mistake is arguably the most difficult part of translation. We take pride in cooperating with native speakers and can guarantee completion of a foreign text without blurs and unexpected wordplay.

Text and sound, accompanying the image, should be simple. We will perform translation that would stay within time limits and would not overload the clip, distracting attention.

However, if the original version contains many signs оf the times, there is a wordplay or reflection of cultural aspects, we can help you create the text that would be as good as the original one. The most relevant idioms, jargonisms or slang expressions would be used. What kind of video clips can we translate?

  • Advertising clips to be demonstrated to foreign clients on the street, TV or Internet;
  • Corporate video and presentations for international clients, partners, sponsors and colleagues;
  • Educational clips, videos of seminars, online lectures and masterclasses;
  • Trailers and documentary movies.

In addition, you can request such services as pre-production, translation proofreading, localization for a certain country, substitution of particular graphic elements in the video and adaptation of the clip’s duration to match the text translation audio track.

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