We would like to thank Universal Media for the work done well! That is a Company with a capital “C”. :) We were persuaded several times that there’s nothing impossible for them! At first we were attracted by the pricelist that was even a bit lower than the market average. And as the quality of the product is perfect nothing stops us from being the loyal client of Universal Media. We wish you success and flourishing in your progress as well as lots of interesting projects and happy clients!


Academie Culinaire


It took us a long time to find the contractors to voiceover video-recipes. We had no luck in finding the company that would correspond to our perception of the best value for the money. Universal Media has a phenomenal pool of voice talents which made all our doubts disappear at a glance. We would like to highlight our project manager Anastasia. She is prompt with responses and able to strike the right note even with the most pretentious client :) We wish all the successes to Universal Media and hope for the future cooperation!


BMG Pharma


Medical sphere is developing in leaps and bounds which is very inspiring! We are always thrilled about presenting our new product to the wide audience. We want to say thank you to Universal Media for giving us a hand in this process! Adaptation of commercials requires meticulous approach to all the language twists and turns. We are amazed at your workflow and fast-paced efficient teamwork. Due to the responsiveness and zeal to continuous improvement Universal Media stands out from the competitors. We enjoy our collaboration big time!


Bank VTB


So far our experience of cooperation with Universal Media is limited to recording the greeting for our company. But the professional approach is evident even in the smallest project. The perfect image of the company is supported by their attention to detail, efficiency and desire to reach the five-star result. The extensive pool of the experienced voice talents impresses and shows the intention to satisfy even the most pretentious demands. We hope to have a chance to work with you once again!




The range of our merchandise is being constantly updated and it is a complex yet essential task to announce the new releases globally and to adapt the advertisement for the world markets. Working with a high volume of information within a tight deadline requires prompt and sharp decision-making. Professionalism, efficiency and enthusiasm of the team are the cornerstones that have already persuaded us to address to Universal Media several times with our projects. We would also like to put a special emphasize on the company’s attention to the slightest detail in sound recording as well as in prostproduction. It is a pleasure to deal with the real industry professionals! We are already decided on ordering our new marketing campaign from Universal Media!




We were looking for the top-notch professionals for our latest project that was time-consuming and demanded special attention to detail. We never regretted that we have settled on choosing Universal media. All the issues that had popped up in the run of the project were instantly solved and we have received lots of innovative suggestions which is really beneficial in our fast pacing domain! The workflow is stunningly efficient, the company is meeting all the deadlines. The project managers are replying on-the-fly which is crucial. In a nutshell the outcome is us being totally happy with our collaboration and proud of the result. The release of our new project is within the reach and we are in high anticipation of the coming rewarding cooperation!


Jackbox Games Inc.

The United States of America

IT is a highly competitive sphere which demands constant product improvement as well as input resources optimizing and technological refining. We were absolutely happy to come across Universal Media. The staff is 100% focused on the task and goal-oriented. Throughout the collaboration we never had the slightest doubt that the project would be a success. Universal media shows professional and client-centered approach which lets them shine in any sphere. We wish you success, Universal Media, the sky's the limit for you!




Our company is always thorough about choosing contractors for our projects. We analyse all the information we can find meticulously, compare the terms and conditions and try to have all the stages of the working process under our control. Even if your reels do not require deep adaptation you still have to take into account a lot of things such as the mindset of the new market, unique language features and intonation peculiarities. This is why we find it so useful for the outcome and inspiring for the cooperation to hit the professionals who appear to be like-minded people as well. When we see that our ideas are put into practice perfectly we feel that our work hasn’t been done in vain. Universal Media is an expert company! We are happy that we have found you in the vast digital world. We wish you rapid development in lockstep with time and inspiration in all your future projects!

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